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about us


Brighton Projects is a multi-residential building specialist with a proven track record of excellence in the Queensland market. Our streamlined processes, certified management systems, buying power and highly experienced team ensure unsurpassed quality, risk control, professional workmanship and expedient delivery on projects across the spectrum.

We work with private, corporate, institutional and government developers on projects including low- and medium-density residential developments; retail centres; villas and townhouses; defence, social and investor housing; and commercial works.

Our projects are renowned for reducing both risk and workload for the clients we work with; and we are highly regarded for our ability to optimize construction timelines, budgets, quality and health and safety outcomes.

We’re part of the MJH Group, which means every client benefits from our efficient processes, enormous buying power and access to resources and highly specialised professionals and contractors. We’ll work with you throughout your build to establish a collaborative, open and honest approach that minimises risk, maximises value and delivers your development on time and on budget.

Brighton Projects takes on the stewardship of every project as if it’s our own – from the initial design review right through to hand-over of developments that consistently meet specifications and satisfy all stakeholders.

With the financial strength and comprehensive insurances of the MJH Group behind us, Brighton Projects is the low-risk, partner of choice in the Queensland multi-residential property development industry. We’re also aligned with one of Japan’s leading building companies - Asahi Kasei Homes - giving us access to the most cutting-edge products and innovations coming out of the international construction industry.


  • Speed of Build – Brighton Projects delivers within the time frame we agree on and often before.
  • Budget – Our aim is to work with our clients to achieve their project budget
  • We’re thinkers – we’re always one step ahead to help ease our client’s workload and save them time and money.
  • Our experience -  our team of experienced specialists, experts and contractors know everything worth knowing about the construction industry.
  • Our buying power and financial strength – we leverage all the advantages of being part of the MJH Group and we pass it on to you.
  • Our reputation – the Brighton Projects name means the world to us and we want every project we complete to live up to it.
  • Our quality, environmental and WHS management systems - created specifically for multi-residential projects and are continually audited. 


Brighton Projects will:

  • Deliver high-quality, professionally designed and built multi-residential housing for dynamic communities.
  • Provide collaborative, respective and honest communication with you and residents.
  • Create a mutual approach to values and culture with you as we achieve safety, quality, design, project delivery and service.
  • Bring you substantial buying power, access to comprehensive internal and external resources.
  • Meet budgets through value management over the life of the project.
  • Deliver innovative construction scheduling and methodology.
  • Construct homes that comply with Australian Standards and Building Codes.
  • Construct homes tailored to meet the market needs in Queensland.
  • Provide professional project managers, site managers and construction staff.
  • Provide accredited quality and environmental management systems.
  • Create a constructive, incident- and injury-free work environment 
  • Provide strong supply chain partnering.

The team at Brighton Projects are passionate about creating a top quality result for your project. Our professional approach, attention to detail and commitment to communication throughout the building journey will ensure you enjoy a smooth, efficient process and an outcome that you will be proud of.

Brad Collins